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I am writing to the prime ministers and monarchs of the happiest countries in the world  and asking for citizenship for myself, Ameliese, and Terry.


There are aspects of the United States of America that I believe in, that bring me joy. We live in the Bay Area and it is beautifully diverse in race, religion, nationalities and cultures. The weather is ideal. One can escape into nature easily and be in remote places within hours, mountains or ocean. And, I struggle with the insularity and ignorance of some of my fellow Americans.  I am ashamed of our current government, not only our president, but all those in power who shirk their responsibility to the people whom they represent in order to put money in their own pockets and that of their donors and lobbyists. I am confounded by the numerous people who support this government. The prevalence of guns and the momentary fears that arise when I go to a concert with my daughter or even to a local movie theater where they are doing gun checks. Our health insurance costs us dearly every month and yet it does not cover many of the doctors whom we see, nor (very few) medications that we need.


I struggle with raising my daughter in a place in which people seem to care more about money than other human beings. A place in which the arts and science are not thought of as positive and necessary, but rather considered with disdain by so many citizens.

I find the level of violence against girls and women to be unbearable.


I read about places where everyone has good health care, where women have greater respect and equality. I dream of a place in which there is support from one’s fellow citizens when they are struggling, rather than judgement and no acknowledgement of the enormous discrepancies in privileges.

She was often gripped with the desire to be elsewhere

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