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There is magic in the world.  It exists in nature, the cosmos, in our humanity, in the spaces and connections between people, in our abilities and the possibilities. I rediscover the magic daily, in my curiosity and my inspiration.

There are contradictions in the universe. Life is convoluted, layered; oxymoronic riddles juxtapose with perceptions, floating in, out, and around one another. 

I am inspired by the spaces art creates for questioning, diverse opinion, response; enacting curiosity in ways that are expansive.

Love, community, having a partner, wanting children, these are natural and ordinary hopes. Success in a profession that financially supports oneself and one’s family, that connects us to the world around us and helps one feel they contribute and work that is stimulating, making space for people to consider, think, and feel from different perspectives is a natural desire. Raising one’s children in a place with a secure home, healthcare, a good education, kind community, with dignity, and helping those whom we love, are innate inclinations.  

My work arises from these predilections, a fascination with how we move through the world, and how art can be an instrument of change in society. 

At the heart of my work is relationship – relationships with participants, with viewers, with friends and family, with anyone who is interested in an interaction and communication. I am inspired to create new bonds and strengthen old. I am curious about how we experience the world, can my work open a space to investigate our own responses and viewpoints; about success, feminism, nepotism, relation to other?

I write a love letter to a friend, a family member, a stranger.  What does it mean to each?  Where can it lead?  

Can a person who doesn’t know me but who reads a letter, have feelings about or for me, for others, for the person to whom the letter is written (if viewed in a gallery setting)? Can these handwritten words on paper evoke empathy with people not even there?

My art and life are intertwined as an intimate, shared exploration of the world through my experience, be it finding a partner, succeeding as an artist, or connecting with others.

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