I nest projects in other artist locations (referencing the lending of credibility), I try to create a space wherein visitors are
engaged in a direct way and make choices that lead to objects, in this way they become both collectors and
collaborators in a project. I place t-shirts I’ve dyed on benches or the ground along with images by artists who are part of the particular show where I’ve located myself, I also use images by emerging artists, people I know. Participants choose a shirt, any and as many images as they want printed on their shirt, and then mark a diagram of a t-shirt on a bag so that I know which images they want and where on the shirt they want the image.  I take all of the bags with t-shirts, images, diagrams and addresses of the participants and make each shirt as the participant indicated and then I send them to everyone who participated.  



media: t-shirts, brown bags, drawings, ink, dye