Sycophant - A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by
flattering influential people.

Are we are not all sycophantic in some circumstances.  And in the
case of art, who is flattering and who is
being flattered; is it the viewer whose favor we as artists are trying
to win over?  Is it the person in the position of curating or is the
curator flattering the artist by putting them in a show?  
part II sycophant?
I want to love you well.

I wonder...
if in yearning for success, influence, or
fame, we are not really hungering for

I wonder...
if we do not all need some form of
recognition in order to feel worthy,
valued and to feel our lives have
I wonder...
how we might be able to touch one

Letters to the viewer, the curatorial
committee and my fellow artists.

Letters to the gallery staff