At the heart of my work is the idea of establishing relationship:
relationship with participants, viewers, friends & family…with
anyone who is interested in an interaction, dialog or
communication.  I look to attain an opening for engagement in
creating new bonds and strengthening old.  Trying to prompt an
exchange that removes the traditional boundaries imposed by the
institutional system or other accepted norms in order to question
what it is that brings us together and share intimacy.  

Does this locate itself in the space between ironic cynicism and
naïve optimism?  It’s a place of contradictions and ambivalence
and failure and hope against failure and reaching out beyond
loneliness and isolation and the destructiveness that is also part
of relations with other; of the profound difficulty in connecting,
repairing, loving.  I wonder if those difficulties are not what we
need to overcome in order to love, if they are what make love so
meaningful.  I wonder whether minimizing those contradictions
and difficulties, is to minimize love itself.