Alexandria (b. New York City) lives and works in Oakland, San
Francisco, New York and Europe.  She recently completed her
MFA in Social Practices at the California College of the Arts

A diverse range of subjects informs her practice which she sees
as related to human nature: including primatology, sociology and
the modern phenomena of urban tribes, brain physiology and
biochemistry, facial muscles and their impact on emotions and
interactions etc.

She is curious about relationship – relationship with participants,
with viewers, with friends and family, with anyone who is
interested in an interaction and communication.  Whether finite or
infinite,she is inspired to invoke new bonds and strengthen old.  
What concerns her is creating a place of inquisitiveness,
questioning what it is that brings us together, how to share
intimacy and wondering whether/how much that matters and
illuminates us in our daily lives.

She has traveled extensively in Central America, Europe, Asia
and Africa and lived abroad during the majority of her twenties.  
Alexandria's work is impressed by experiences that she has had
in which she noted that while we may be multi-cultured, that, as
human beings we share more similarities than differences.  She is
always looking for ways to heighten awareness of our shared

Alexandria has participated in exhibitions at the luggage store,
Southern Exposure, the Richmond Art Center, Facere Gallery,
the Second City Council and other galleries throughout the United
States.  Alexandria also instigated and curated interventions in
Central Park during “the Gates” of Jean Claude and Christo, at
the 2006 Venice Biennale and at the Tate Modern in London.