"The predominant impulse behind our desire to rise in the social
hierarchy may be rooted not so much in the material goods we can
accrue or the power we can wield as in the amount of love we stand
to receive as a consequence of high status.  Money, fame and
influence may be valued more as tokens of-and means to-love
rather than ends in themselves.  "

Alain de Botton, Status Anxiety

301 Bocana
Gift Show
Title: Would you like to take a conceptual,
performative, installation artist/social
sculptor/single woman to dinner?
medium: conversation, food, wine, hope,
relationship, obligation, desire, discomfort,
anticipation, love, oxytocin, timidity, limbic
interaction, hormonal response
Date: 2006
Cost: $150 includes poster, card with phone
number and date with the artist

By increasing my visibility, do I increase my
chances to find true love and create a family?  Do
contemporary methods of meeting people make
us disposable; another product on a shelf with
endless possibilities?  How do I create a buzz
around myself in such a way that I become a
desirable life partner, someone with whom a man
would want to raise a family?  Are these
fundamental desires or are we, as humans,
differentiated from other species because we can
and do override them?
Are wealth and power ends in themselves or do
we hunger for them in order to be relished more
by feel loved?

How do I represent different aspects of my self
(through print or electronic means,) not only
physical attributes, nor activities I enjoy, but parts
of my personality, in such a way that someone
responds emotionally?

Climbing at Castle Rock State Park

Smearing  (using friction on the sole of the
climbing shoe, in the absence of any useful
footholds.) in Joshua Tree

With my oldest friend (of 25 years) at my first
loves wedding in   Santa Barbara.

A 3 day trek through the rain forest in
Sumatra.  Wearing stockings may look
silly, but it was great protection against the